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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knight School, Dream Diary and Fluffy Lumbers @ Bruar Falls, 9/7/09

Although my continuing obsession with arriving everywhere fashionably late (not to mention that I decided to walk, for some reason) I of course missed the Labor Day burgers personally grilled with love by Mike Balla, I thankfully didn't manage to miss any of the bands.

Knight School is an enthusiastic bunch with a pogo-stick tempo surfacing every once in a while, and the occasional practiced boy/girl harmony adding welcome texture. I caught a Flaming Lips-type vibe at a couple of moments.

Dream Diary, especially, was a pleasant surprise, their hooks standing out as a cut above most of the lo-fi bands distorting their hearts out these days. Fans of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart should take note.

Mp3 - Knight School - Pregnant Again


Rachel Speed said...

Dude! Nic did not make the burgers. Those were 100 percent Chris Balla burgers.


CS said...

Thanks! I was afraid I got that wrong, will change. I probably would have gotten it right if had a chance to EAT xo