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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The early show: At-Large packs 'em in, literally

Editors and emcees Rohin Guha and Niina Pollari, the latter looking rather indignant.

Benjamin Dickerson.

Rebecca Keith and the crowd.

Kaveh Bassiri.

Rena Priest.

The scene: S. 6th St. in Williamsburg, in the doorway of a quaint, and shall-we-say intimate little space on the site of a bike repair shop-turned-DIY-venue, or so my investigative work turned up (i.e. talking to the bartender). Plus his outspoking curly-haired blonde companion, who, while flipping me the bird, wasn't shy about making her jealousy known about my plans for the second part of the evening-- seeing Chairlift at the Bowery Ballroom (see above). A stackful of PBR from the (as-promised) cash bar made things start to seem all right, while Rohin and Niina drew names out of a hat, and Rebecca Keith (look for an Mp3 from her band The Roulettes coming here soon) reading Craigslist ads encountered (like many of the rest of us) during her search as an underemployed writer and musician, and Brett Saxon (whose photograph eluded me as I crouched in a corner, but my opinion, but who I recall looking somewhat like Carrot Top, his musical talent notwithstanding) played with his beautiful cellist, and I reclined inreadings, events, recaps, At-Large Magazine, lit mags, the warm, dark sylvan sound of the instrument I love so much. Twenty minutes later, I dashed. Could it be, perhaps, time to rethink my strategy all this time for wearing out my welcome?

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rohin g. said...

Thank you for the lovely coverage, miss!

CS said...

No problem! Wish I could have stayed out longer to hang, but work called.