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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Be the Dog? No thanks.

There's a play called "Be the Dog" premiering at the New York Fringe Festival later this month. According to the article on, it is "based on the short stories of Dave Eggers, Be the Dog celebrates and ridicules a world of complicated human relationships - through the eyes one simply exuberant dog...Written by Emily Kaye Liberis, it was produced as her senior thesis project at Boston University's School of Theatre in 2007. She developed it there with director Jason McDowell-Green."

So this...this pretty much exemplifies what is wrong with everything. That some poor, misguided theatre student couldn't find any better material to waste two years working on than a bunch of crappy experimental fiction by the most overexposed writer imaginable. Couldn't she at least have stretched a out a little bit? To Aimee Bender, maybe? Or even Amy Hempel? Or, you know, somebody new? Oh yeah, and if that weren't enough, we have to capitalize on the whole "Marley and Me" lovable dog trend, too.

"Be the Dog" premieres at the Robert Moss Theatre. Tickets are $15.
440 Studios is located at 440 Lafayette St. between Astor Place and East 4th St. directly across from The Public Theater. Elevator to the 3rd & 4th Floors. Here's the complete schedule:

Wednesday, August 26 @ 6.15pm
Wednesday, August 26 @ 9.45pm
Friday, August 28 @ 4.15pm
Saturday, August 29 @ 10.00pm
Sunday, August 30 @ 12.00pm



Mack said...

If "Emily Kaye Liberis" can find a way to work in ironic vampires and at least two of the three Jonas Brothers I think we're gonna have all of our spew-inducing pop culture bases covered here.

Claire Shefchik said...

Haha! Thanks for checking out the blog, Mack. (Just you wait for the post about the early Eagles.)

Uma said...

So, Claire.
Have you seen "Be the Dog"? Or are you just talking shit out of your ass? Like an untrained puppy. Pretty brave of you to comment on something that you haven't seen. What happened? Did the Fringe turn you down....again?

Claire Shefchik said...

Another unemployed BU theatre grad heard from.

Uma said...

Ah, so it was BU that turned you down. Emily Kaye is gainfully employed in Boston. But first and foremost she's a playwright whose work has gotten some attention. Did you hear she's got a play going up at the New York International Fringe Festival??? It's called "Be The Dog".
And no I'm not another BU grad that's unemployed. What do you do for a living Claire?

supersteph said...
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supersteph said...
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supersteph said...

this comment comes from someone who is also quick to doubt / judge anything over-done or coming from BU: i would encourage you to go see the play before passing judgement based on its description. however, i think it's sold out.

Claire Shefchik said...

let me ask you this: who's more pathetic, someone who's not afraid to state her opinion, even if nobody listens, or an apparently rather insecure playwright who mobilizes a bunch of her best friends to attack some random blogger who apparently nobody listens to anyway? Oh and Emily wrote and offered me a ticket for the show tonight, so evidently something paid off.