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Saturday, August 22, 2009

MP3 Review - Beach Fossils

I've been wanting to write about Dustin Payseur, for weeks now, but due to getting stuck in the kind of technological hell I won't drag you into, have been unable to, and now have likely missed the boat completely on him. For all I know, he's scheduled to be on "Last Call with Carson Daly" next week. But nevertheless, here we go! What's exciting about Payseur is his guitar playing -- both aesethetic and technique, both recalling the vintage jangle of 1960s folk rock, back when "folk rock" wasn't a laughable term -- one simple, tasty hook was all you needed to please, bumping up and down like a reconditioned merry-go-round horse. The vocals on "Vacation" aren't much more complicated, and boast a quavery, drowning-man quality, which recalls the lo-fi character of Wavves, but remains its own ingredient. Getting lost in this song, you might just think you forgot to turn off the AM radio.

For some reason I keep wanting to declare Payseur, who lives in Brooklyn, reclusive, although I may be just saying that because I haven't found myself standing next to him in line at the grocery store (yet). He's actually been playing a decent number of shows lately, one of which will take place tomorrow night at Market Hotel. It's a showcase for Underwater People (the label, not the people) and among a dozen or so up-and-coming bands, and, recluse or not, Payseur will undoubtedly be the best in his class.

MP3 - Beach Fossils - Vacation

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