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Thursday, August 6, 2009

This week's Chikpiks (with a rather generous definition of "week")

Vacation mania, my friends, vacation mania. This weeks' Chikpiks are all higgledy-piggledy, taking us through next Saturday, just so I don't miss anything. Then they'll be back again (hopefully) on Monday.

Thursday, August 6

Mark Kozelek

Music Hall of Williamsburg

Kozelek, lately of Sun Kil Moon and late of Red House Painters, is sort of the musical equivalent of Thomas Pynchon -- you don't see him that much, but you don't really have to in order to know that he's weird. Red House Painters, was the slowcore act of the '90s, taking disturbing angst and craft it into hauntingly beautiful refrains. If you like Mogwai, just wait'll you hear 1993's Red House Painters (I). Sun Kil Moon, by contrast, has been mainly underwhelming. They are/were both Kozelek, and so is this show -- except now he's by himself. See if you can handle it. With Mia Doi Todd.


Wednesday, August 12

Bat for Lashes
Webster Hall

Shameless drama queen Natasha Khan may stand at the forefront of the British freak-folk movement, but I still think she looks just like Posh Spice.

8 PM

Thursday, August 13

Yeasayer, Amazing Baby
Pier 54 (Hudson River Park)

This is more or less irrelevant, but I currently have, for going on several months now, Simon O'Connor's (far right, with Amazing Baby) phone number listed in my contacts for some reason. One of these days I'm going to call him, either for an interview or a date (I haven't decided which, yet.) I'm not sure which one his father would disapprove of more. (Well, okay, yeah I do).

All Ages

Friday, August 14

Animal Collective

Prospect Park Bandshell (Celebrate Brooklyn)

I kind of hate myself for mentioning this, but I know I would also kind of hate myself if I didn't. Come to think of it, is it sold out? It's probably sold out. But if it isn't and for some reason you're looking for another reason to go, I will say that at their last NYC show, spotted in the audience were the kid from The Sixth Sense and the chick from Slums of Beverly Hills. So, yeah. At this show, who knows? You might spot one of the guys from BASEketball. With Black Dice, Dam Funk.

5:30 PM
All Ages

School of Seven Bells

South St. Seaport

While you're hobnobbing with beautiful has-beens from 1998 in Prospect Park, I will most likely be here, seeing this dreamy trio, being lullabyed off to my lucid dreams bytwo girl identical twins and a guy, dreams in which I will be shopping somewhere other than Abercrombie & Fitch. With The xx and a guest DJ.

6 pm
All Ages

Saturday August 15

Kurt Vile
Silent Barn

Matador Records. Philly. Mean guitar. Prettiest hair in music. Next big thing. There, I said it. With Tommy Jay, Blues Control.

8 PM
All Ages

Carry Me Ohio - Mark Kozelek

Beach On The Moon (Recycled Lyrics) - Kurt Vile

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