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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dollar store junk + literature = gold?

Featherproof Books is a Chicago-based independent publisher, who, this summer, have loaded 7 or so of their very earnest and talented writers into a van like some kind of hyper-literate indie-rock band, and taking their show on a month-long cross-country tour. Tonight, the Dollar Store Tour is landing in The Slipper Room in NYC, at which I hope to join some of my elusive acquaintances from the local blogerati to watch D.E. Rasso, Robert Lopez, Aaron Burch, Blake Butler, Zach Dodson, Amelia Gray, Mary Hamilton and Jac Jemc read stories they've written based on broken waffle irons, CB radios, and fake Tiffany lamps.

Faithful readers will note that I'm a rabid backer of weird literary events, or really any literary event that manages to break out of the tweed-jacketed-guy-sitting-on-a-stool-reading-excerpts-from-a-book-about-his-childhood-in-1953 mode, or twentysomething-overdressed-girl-desperately-trying-to-make-something-literary-about-that-time-she-curled-up-on-her-couch-for-three-days-waiting-for-her-ex-boyfriend-to-call-back mode, so the originality of this event excites me thoroughly, and I'm looking forward to talking with some of the readers about just how badly they want to kill each other after two and half weeks in a van together.

The event, which kicks off tonight at 8 and will cost you a $1 donation, also features DJ sets from Take the Handle.

The Slipper Room is on the Lower East Side at 167 Orchard at Stanton St.

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