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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

At-Large releases B-Sides and Rarities

The latest incarnation (and there have been many) of At-Large Magazine's Mixtape went live today. This is a magazine whose previous theme issues were delightfully bizarre, like Aiport/Motel, Teeth, Fame and Jungle. This one is B-Sides and Rarities, following on the heels of their very successful A-Sides. In other words, it's decent material that dates from basement sessions with bad acoustics, where something went wrong, like when the drummer coughed just before the end of the track, or sound guy spilled his yerba mate all over the mixing board. (Just kiddin' friends, it's great as always.) Naturally, there's music: this time by Piedra del Sol.

It features poetry by Benjamin Dickerson, Gregory Lawless, Nicole Steinberg, Megan Moriarty, Eric Amling, & Florencia Varela, and a translation project between Patrick Kosiewicz and Najwa Masri. There's also a poetic response to art featuring work by J. Mae Barizo and Mira O'Brien. Fiction by Roof Alexander and Patrick James.

Next up: Biology. Here's what I'm thinking: sheep's brain in a jar. I can't lose.


niina said...

thx for the shouty!

...the google verification word for me to post this comment is "hythroin," which sounds like a biomass of some kind.

CS said...

No problem! SLC alum solidarity will always live. "Hythroin" -- aha, the title for my Biology submission.

rohin g. said...

You know what I'm ashamed to admit? That this may have been *my* inspiration for the Biology theme:

Well, that or swine flu.

CS said...

Either way, you're a true intellectual.